How to Create a Dropshipping Site with WordPress

How To Set up a Dropshipping Business Using WordPress

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Dropshipping is not new in the e-commerce industry, still, many people need to be made aware of the fact that they can do business without investing a penny in creating, selling, and delivering products to customers online. Are you in shock? Yes! This is a major advantage of today’s ever-evolving landscape of the e-commerce industry.

Starting an e-commerce business is no more a headache. Thanks for the dropshipping! It is an effective way to manage the inventory and delivery process. However, you can also streamline your workflow and avoid certain production challenges.

But what do you need to start a dropshipping business? For any kind of e-commerce website, you want to set up, the one major element is choosing the right e-commerce platform and WordPress is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms to start your dropshipping business. You can build an e-commerce website using WordPress. Here, we will explain to you how can you set up a dropshipping business using WordPress.

Introduction to Dropshipping business

Before starting with building the dropshipping business, it is crucial to understand what it is and what benefits you will get from it.

Dropshipping is an online e-commerce business where you can sell products and earn profits without paying any cost for inventory settings. This means you don’t have to worry about creating products, managing products in stock, and shipping the products to your customers. All you need to do is create a dropshipping business website and advertise your products to your target audience.

The dropshipping business model is considered to be a low-risk option for people who want to start their own business. You need to offer the products for sale and directly coordinate with customers and suppliers to make order fulfillment.

In simple terms, first, create a dropshipping business website using WordPress. Next, do the promotional marketing for your dropshipping business and its products. If your users place an order on your e-commerce website, you need to pass this information to the vendor. So, they can pack the order and ship it to the customers. At last, all you need to do is keep in contact with the contact until the product is handed to the customers.

Advantages of Dropshipping Business

As we have discussed what dropshipping business is, now you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of a dropshipping business. Here are many advantages of dropshipping business which are mentioned below:

1. Easy to Start:

For startups or people who want to start their own business but don’t have a huge amount of money, dropshipping is the best option for them. With this business model, you never have to worry about physical products. All are online! However, you also don’t need to deal with the following things are given below:

  • Managing inventory
  • Paying for Warehouses
  • Packing and shipping products
  • Tracking the inventory accounting
  • Handling inbound shipments and returns

2. Cost-Effectiveness:

The major advantage of a dropshipping business is without investing a large amount of money, you can start an e-commerce business. You might be wondering why starting a dropshipping business is cost-effective. Because of the huge amount of money you have saved by not creating inventory. However, with the dropshipping business model, you don’t need to buy the product unless you’ve already made the sale, and have been paid by the customers.

3. Wide Range of Product Options You Get to Sell:

In the dropshipping business model, you don’t have to pre-purchase items for selling. So, you can choose to sell trending products on your website. However, you can shuffle the list of products without dealing with unsold inventory.

Disadvantages of Dropshipping Business

Despite having all these advantages, dropshipping has its downside. Here are the disadvantages of the dropshipping business are mentioned below:

1. Low Margin of Profits:

One of the biggest drawbacks of operating a dropshipping business is the low-profit margins. Due to the ease of getting started and the minimal overhead costs, many competitors set up dropshipping stores and sell products at extremely low prices to increase their revenue. As they have invested very little in starting the business, they can afford to operate on very thin margins.

2. Managing Inventory Can Be a Headache:

Having your inventory helps you to track the products that are in stock and out of stock. With a dropshipping business model, you can have inventory issues because you’re storing products from multiple warehouses and they also sell their products to their customers. So, sometimes, inventory can change daily.

3. Lack of Control Over Shipping and Delivery:

As a drop shipper, you don’t have control over the shipping and delivery process. You rely on your suppliers to fulfill orders and ship them to your customers. This can lead to issues with shipping times, product quality, and customer service, which can ultimately harm your business reputation.

How to Start a Dropshipping Business?

Starting a business is not like getting blood from a stone. The first thing you need to start an e-commerce business with the dropshipping business model is selecting the e-commerce platforms. There are many e-commerce platforms available online. Despite not having any technical skills, WordPress, Shopify, and WooCommerce are the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world for creating dropshipping business websites.

We recommend using the WooCommerce plugin from WordPress because it is easy to use, it’s cost-effective and has features like multiple payment gateways. According to recent data, over 5 million e-commerce websites are actively working with WooCommerce. To know how to speed up your e-commerce website with WooCommerce, you need to know the details about WooCommerce first.

Top Ways to Start Your Dropshipping with WooCommerce

If you have chosen WordPress as your e-commerce platform, you can easily integrate your customer-facing shopping experience with your suppliers using the WooCommerce Dropshipping plugin. WooCommerce is the most widely used e-commerce option among WordPress users. Here are the top ways to start your dropshipping business with WooCommerce which are given Below:

1. Select a Domain Name for Your Dropshipping Website:

The simple way to select a domain name for your dropshipping website is to research and find various brainstorming ideas. Once you have the ideas, use it as a domain name to make the right choice for your dropshipping business.

Domain name generators are also available that can help you find the perfect domain name quickly. As well as finding available domain names, this AI-powered tool also makes it possible for you to register the ones you like without any delays or hassles.

2. Choose a Web Host:

It is crucial to invest in a good web hosting provider that helps your dropshipping site to be secure. When making a decision on which web hosting provider to consider, you need to look for the fact on which web host will automate and streamline your dropshipping business. Here are the following elements you need to consider while choosing a web host which is mentioned below:

  • Check PHP Version
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free Migration
  • Free SSL Certification
  • Backup feature
  • Optimize Your E-commerce Website
  • One-Click E-commerce Installation
  • Managed VPS
  • DDoS Protection
  • Automatic WordPress Protection

3. Set up Your E-commerce Website and Install WooCommerce:

In order to get started, first and foremost you need to install WordPress on your web host. Once you install it, you need to add the WooCommerce plugin as well. By activating the WooCommerce plugin, now you can activate and operate the WooCommerce for your Dropshipping store.

Please get a note that you can operate your existing WooCommerce store if you have already one set up. This process you must have to do if you want to make a secure customer transaction.

4. Select WooCoomerce Theme for Your Dropshipping Business:

If you want your WordPress Dropshipping website to run smoothly, you need a suitable theme. However, it not only helps you to create an image but also helps your dropshipping business stand out from the competition. Choosing a slow quality theme can harm the performance of our dropshipping website. So, don’t rush, this is a task. While choosing the right theme for your dropshipping, you need to be careful.

WordPress has made this step easy for you. You don’t need any designers or developers. There are many layouts and plugins available here to suit all the themes and demands.

5. Find the Products to Sell on Your Dropshipping Website:

As you have set up the themes, now it is time to select the products you wish to sell on your dropshipping website. This is a very easy task because this is more similar to finding your niche for your store. For example, if you want to sell clothes or accessories, you need to make a list of styles, quality, and most importantly target audience. We recommend you choose a niche similar to your passion.

Once you choose your niche, look for the products. When researching products, you want to seek out products with low competition and high demand. Using Amazon’s data, you can discover which products are trending and do your research. Several categories on Amazon show top-rated, best-selling, and most-wanted products.

6. Choose Dropshipping Suppliers:

When you have selected the dropshipping products to sell on your WooCommerce website, you need to find dropshipping suppliers for your business. Many marketplaces are available online where you can find suppliers for your dropshipping site. Etsy, Aliexpress, Doba, and SaleHoo- are the most popular marketplaces for dropshipping suppliers to deliver products safely to your customers.

7. Add Dropshipping Products to Your Dropshipping Website:

To add the products to your Woocommerce dropshipping website, first, you need to the dashboard where you find an option, called Products and then go for the New one.

After clicking the “new one” option, you get to see a page where you need to add the title and meta description of the product. Then, you need to select the product category and start uploading images from your image galleries.

In the next stage, you need to include the product details in the product data section. Here, you can select the price of the product, attributes, and more options. Below, you will see an option where you can add a short description of the product. After completing all the steps, your product is ready to publish.

8. Choose The Payment Gateway Option:

In order to streamline your payment options, you need to select the payment gateway- this is the major element in setting up a dropshipping business using WordPress. WooCommerce-compatible payment gateways like Adyen which supports various payment methods like SOFORT, Bancontact, iDEAL, Visa American Express, Maestro, Mastercard, China UnionPay, Discover, PayPal, SEPA direct debit, Google Pay, and more.


If you want to streamline your dropshipping business with WooCommerce, the following steps help you start your dropshipping business using WordPress. We hope this article on how to set up a dropshipping business using WordPress will help you understand it better. If you want to help in setting up your dropshipping business, we can help you with our e-commerce solutions. If you want to read more about trending topics, keep your eye on our blog page.