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Website Development

Every business wants to be on the internet whether it’s big or small, they need a website for that. People start choosing design and development to get noticed by customers. Online presence is crucial for every business. At Synergic Softek Pvt. Ltd., we provide a high quality website development company in Kolkata. Our expert team offers you a unique online presence by creating user-friendly and attractive websites. To provide our international clients with the most dependable web application development solutions, we provide a broad choice of technologies. Leading website development company in India, Synergic Softek offers cutting-edge technological options for subsequent-generation online apps.

Best Web Development Company in India

We are mostly famous for our website development services. Our expert web developers always help users with e-commerce store development, custom web development, progressive web apps, full-stack developers, web application development, custom CRM/ERP software apps, bespoke CMS development and responsive web apps. We ensure that your website is developed with the best quality.

Custom Web Development

Many times business owners face some problems with web solutions when they try to meet the modern business requirements. When web development comes into play in that situation.

E-commerce Store Development

Even though e-commerce is expanding by 23% annually, the majority of firms do not have an online presence. These companies are losing not only to the competition, but also their clientele.

Full-Stack Development

Synergic Softek is a specialized software development company in a full range of technologies from front -end to back end services. Our Full Stack Development services are here for you at a faster pace of ...

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps are made with brand-new technologies, although they are widely used in a variety of fields. For clients in a variety of industries, our team has built Progressive Web Apps with great suc...

Web Application Development

Our web application development services consist of development, support, maintenance, and design. And our expert team of web app developers help you in modernizing legacy architectures and technologi...

Custom CRM/ERP Software Apps

Large, medium, and small organizations can all utilize Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), which is company management software that combines all the data on business operations and resources such as...

Responsive Web Apps

Responsive Web apps mainly for those websites who want to make smartphone friendly apps for users. Where you can call a Synergic softek solution for that. We are here with our responsive web application servi...

Bespoke CMS Development

You will be able to monitor your content with our Our bespoke CMS Development Services without learning any kind of code. We will provide you a complete CMA result that will cover your custom content oper...

Why Do You Choose Our Web Development Company?

  • Synergic Softek is a leading website development company in Kolkata. Our team ensures you fulfill your requirements and promise you the highest ROI.
  • We have set up a cutting-edge infrastructure that houses the newest technology and gives the workers all the conveniences they need to engage in high-quality web development.
  • Since the company’s establishment, web development services have been the focus of Synergic Softek, enabling it to offer extremely specialized web development services.
  • To ensure that our solutions are futuristic and current, we exclusively use the newest technology.
  • You might have some questions, comments, or feedback as the development of your website or a webpage is underway. We make an effort to respond to these as quickly as we can. As a result, we offer 24/7 client service.
Highly Modular and Parameterized

Hire Website Developer

Our expert team of website designers has experience in creating effective website designs for several websites. They offer amazing and stunning website design solutions for each client. Being the best website design company in Kolkata, we are passionate about building relatable designs for clients and focusing on clients’ needs. If you hire us, we provide the best design to look attractive on your brand website.


There are many website development services that many companies provide such as commerce store development, custom web development, progressive web apps, full-stack developers, web application development, custom CRM/ERP software apps, bespoke CMS development and responsive web apps.
It depends on which services you need for your website. And every website needs a unique design and website development. As a result of our discussion, we offer you a quote based on our assessment of the project. Be sure to obtain the right kind of web development project cost estimate.
We have experts in Firebase, Node.js, Angular, Google Cloud, JavaScript, and more. According to complexity and functionality, we prefer frameworks, cloud technology and databases.
Every website needs a unique and fresh design and development. So, we never use pre-made website design templates.
There are many reasons why you should hire us such as offering affordable services, focusing on client’s needs and providing unique and stunning website designs and high-quality website development services for our clients.

Synergic Softek Solutions Private Limited is a top web design agency and software development company with a large pool of software developers available for dedicated and fixed time/cost projects.

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