Core Banking Solution For Cooperative Banks & Societies

CBS, PACS, Daily Cash Collections

Complete banking solution for banks with zero to a few numbers of branches to large banks with multiple branches spread across multiple states.

Handheld POS Devices and Printers

Daily Cash Collections, Spot Billing, Toll Collection

Handheld devices for spot billing, cash collection, toll plaza, ticket collection. Print receipt on the spot and easily export the data anywhere.

WooCommerce Store Development Service

Create your online store and sell, globally.

Handheld devices for spot billing, cash collection, toll plaza, ticket collection. Print receipt on the spot and easily export the data anywhere.

Solutions we offer for your organization

Core Banking Software for Coop Banks

We develop core banking software for SCB, DCCB, ECCS, CCS, UCB, ARDB, PACS.

Custom Web & Mobile App Development

Create modern apps for your business. Leverage the power of cloud computing and new technologies. Reduce operational costs and reach a wider audience.

Digital Marketing & Brand Promotion

Reach your customers where they are. Serve them when they need it. Offer them exactly what they need. 

WooCommerce Website Development

Create new or fix your existing online store’s design, optimize website performance, and supercharge your sales.

Portable Billing Machines & Thermal Printers

Mobile ticketing, toll, and tax collection, cash collection by bank agents, spot billing, and more.

Graphic Design, Branding & AD Creatives

Create a brand identity for your company. Communicate consistently with your audience throughout all marketing channels.

Our Products

Cooperative Banking Solutions & Microfinance Handheld POS Devices & MObile billing / ticketing Solution

Cooperative Banking Software (CBS & TBA)

Most widely deployed CBS and branch automation products. Get all Financial Reporting with ease. Serve all our member account holders faster.

Software Solutions for:

  • SCB,
  • DCCB,
  • ECCS,
  • CCS,
  • UCB,
  • ARDB,
  • PACS.
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Handheld POS Devices

Handheld POS devices for mobile ticketing, toll, and tax collection, cash collection by bank agents, and much more.


Product Inquiry:

Sales Team

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Service Team

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Cooperative Banking Software Solutions

TBA & Core banking solutions for SCB, DCCB, ECCS, CCS, UCB, ARDB, PACS

SYNERGIC SOFTEK SOLUTIONS PVT LTD undertook the development of a software system for CBS implementation. The company has over 500 person-years of experience in handling banking projects for major Co-operative Banks and Societies in Eastern India. A team consisting of technical and subject matter experts developed Banking Systems Architecture (BSA), which supports the definition of products for various functional areas of banking. The application currently launched as SYNERGIC BANKING has been enhanced over time to increasingly suit the needs of banks. Synergic Banking, a flagship product of Synergic Softek Solutions Pvt Ltd. Its high degree of parameterization, Flexi-centric architecture and ease of use have made ‘Synergic Banking’ the most widely deployed branch automation product in the Indian banking industry. Flexibility, usability, parameterization, and modularity are among the chief concerns in the design of SYNERGIC BANKING. The system can be implemented in several types of banking setups, for computerizing a large range of banking functions. Its portability allows banks a wide choice of hardware platforms.

We Have Empowered So Far

Agriculture & Rural Development Bank Ltd. (ARDB)

Primary Agricultural Credit Societies (PACS)

Urban Cooperative Bank (UCB)

District Central Co-Operative Bank

Co-operative Credit Society (CCS)

State Co-operative Bank

Employees’ Co-operative Credit Society (ECCS)

Nationalized Bank

Grow Your Business With Custom Web And Mobile Apps

Built for your business – guaranteed price, on time

Whether you want your software to improve your employees’ productivity, internal communication, logistics, or to drive sales – you’ll get the best possible user experience.

Build what you need on time – and stay within budget

The software can help you stay competitive but creating it puts a big strain on your teams. And off-the-shelf options never do exactly what you need them to. We build exactly what you want with guaranteed costs and all your timings before you start.

web & mobile app
web & mobile app

Handheld POS Devices

POS Devices & Thermal Printers

Portable Billing, Ticketing, Cash Collection, Toll Plaza machine.

We are the exclusive dealer of Balaji Handheld POS devices in the east and north-eastern India for mobile ticketing, toll, and tax collection, cash collection by bank agents, and much more.

Balaji Handheld is the #1 Handheld device for point of sale billing machine in the country. Powercraft Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of “Data Acquisition Machines” (in the Handheld Devices segment). For any business “Data” is a necessary component for effective decision making. It empowers the management to chart its journey towards effective business planning. Balaji Handheld solutions are built to collect the data in the most efficient manner and then collate it in the most optimal way. This enables all the stakeholders to have the best possible solution to meet their needs. Our Handheld Billing Machines are designed in accordance with the market demands and with an objective of customer satisfaction.


What our clients are saying

I have only recently employed the team at Synergic to work on one of my projects but have been impressed with their devotion to the tasks in hand and desire to get the job done. They have an excellent team ethic which helps in giving me the confidence I need that they will deliver the application I’ve envisaged

Brian Robert Foster

Info Quick UK Ltd.

Synergic Banking is easy to use after we deployed the solution we have managed to serve all our member account holders faster.

Mr. Arup Chatterjee

Secretary, The Bengal Secretariat Co-op. Credit Society Limited,Writers Building,Kolkata

Synergic and his team on a few occasions and always found the work to be of good to very good standard and of excellent value. When issues have arrised, which they always do in technology, Synergic have overcome with and delivered on time.

Chris Holland

Director, BusinessMovers.Tech Limited (UK Technology)

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