Reasons Why Websites Fail to Get Attention

Major Reasons Why Websites Fail to Get Attention

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After everything you do right, your website is still failing to get attention from your customers. Why is it happening again and again? We understand how frustrating it is for you!

Stop everything you do, and let’s think about the reasons behind it! Website Performance really matters when it comes to converting the audience into customers. For that, your audience needs to spend more time on your website. How do you make this thought into reality?

People on the internet never stay in one place until they get the exact answer that they are looking for. Sometimes websites with proper answers fail to get attention from their target audience. your website has it all from writing compelling content to professional images, but still, your website performance is low. That one question that is arising again and again: “Why do websites fail to get attention after putting in all effort?”. According to recent data, there are over 4.66 billion people who use the internet actively which means 60% of the global population.

According to the expert, your website should load in less than 2 seconds. Even Google algorithm prioritizes website speed when it comes to ranking websites on SERPs. This is not the only reason why you should consider page speed as a major factor for your website performance.

If your page loading speed is up to 4 seconds, people will leave before the website is fully loaded. It does not matter how relevant and high-quality your website content is if your loading speed is not quick enough.

Many business owners didn’t notice website loading speed could be a major reason why websites fail to get attention.

Users often leave one website within 10-20 seconds unless the website offers something that is valuable to them. The value refers to the web presence, fast loading time, and to-the-point when it is about to grab the audience’s attention. To bring your website to its former glory, you need to look into the following reasons why websites Fail to get attention from their target audience.

Why do Websites Fail to Get Attention?

Building a website with a robust customer experience and maintaining the website with marketing efforts is not child’s play. That’s why it is crucial to have a proper knowledge of customer experience and digital marketing.

If a website has a good website performance, then people will be more likely to spend time on the website which means the website can offer a better user experience. For a better user experience, you need some unique elements and features including Javascript, HTML, Angular, and CSS files and other languages.

To offer a good user experience, your website needs web development experts who have in-depth knowledge of website performance and what will be the solutions to the problems related to website performance and development. Before handing over the website to your clients or publishing the website, the experts need to perform some tests to ensure that your website is loading quickly or not from any device.

To improve your website performance, you need to use optimization techniques. By establishing the right strategy, you can easily attract attention from your target audience and turn them into customers.

First, answers to the following questions:

  • Does your website take more than 10 seconds to load?
  • Is your website performing very low?
  • Does your website fail to get the attention of your audience?
  • Are your customers leaving the website without taking any action?
  • Is your website ranking low on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)?

If your answer is yes to any of these above questions then it is time to find the real reasons for it.

Main Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Getting Attention From Your Audience

Competition for grabbing the attention of potential customers is so high, that many websites get left in the dust. Businesses need to add developing their website presence to the top of their to-do list. To be careful of those pitfalls, we are going to discuss the major major reasons why websites fail to get attention.

1. Your website design is outdated:

What is outdated website design? Outdated website design means your website has a complex functionality which causes the website abandonment. According to experts, over 42% of people leave a website because it is hard to use.

In the study of psychologist and researcher Dr. Elizabeth Sillence, many people are eyewitnesses of how people are more into website design than what the website has. According to the study, 94% of wary respondents blamed the site’s design for their uneasiness. A good design is important. You should consider a professional facelift for your site if it still looks like a Geocities site from 1996.

2. Your website still depends on outdated plugins:

The speed, functionality, and security of the website may all suffer from outdated plugins. It’s time to update any outdated plugins that are still used on your website. If you don’t, not only will your website load slowly, but it will be open to security breaches.

Furthermore, the most recent version of the website’s content management system (CMS) is incompatible with out-of-date plugins. As a result, your visitors might not be able to access your website or it might appear broken. You can keep your website functioning and error-free, which will enhance user experience and boost engagement, by updating the plugins on your website.

3. Poor navigation and layouts:

Raise your hand if you face the situation: You enter a website looking for specific answers to your questions, then you get confused between the rabbit warren of the website for the poor navigation and layouts. Having complex navigation not only affects your user experience but also affects the website’s SEO as well.

Most websites skip this part while building their website. But when you hire the best and most popular web development company, they will focus on your website maintenance and ensure that users can scroll your website smoothly and find a pleasant website layout. Users don’t like any complex navigation process while finding their desired products or services. Good navigation helps users to explore your website in a decent manner. Often websites consist of much more than content, which makes users frustrated and repels them.

4. Poorly written code:

Whenever we think about a website being slow, the first thing that comes to mind is code that is not well-written. The website loads quickly if your code is properly written. Due to poorly written code, the browser has to perform extra work to interpret what is being displayed.

If you want your website to perform well, then your website loading time should be fast. That is why you should fix your website’s poorly written code. Once your website starts performing well, your target audience will like to visit your website again and again. In order to increase sales, this is one way you can use. Though all broadband is upgraded to standard level, it doesn’t imply all your target audience have the same kind of internet connection speed. That’s why you need to maintain your website performance by upgrading your written code.

5. Having too many images:

Having too many images on the website can be the reason for slow website loading speed. Maybe the images are high quality and look good on your website, but they can still add weight to your website. Did you know that when loading a website’s page the browser goes through each image and decides whether it should be displayed or not? And there it takes time to load. So, do some consideration on your mobile visitors. Don’t use extreme levels of images, audio, and videos on your website.

You need to remember that every small and compressed thing affects your website’s loading time. CSS, plugins, JavaScript, and image sizes all contribute to site performance. So, when you are building a website, you need to keep these factors in your mind.

6. Outdated content:

When you have a website consisting of irrelevant or outdated content, you’ll never get the chance to get attention. Because people are more likely to see the updated content to learn and know what is happening in recent days as well as update themselves with the latest technologies. Updating content with current information brings value to the website and attracts more visitors than before.

7. Zero user recommendations:

This is one of the major elements that help to make your website trustworthy and encourage others to visit your website. Positive customer feedback adds great value to your website. The only way to get positive reviews from your customers is to provide them with high-quality products or services. User recommendations make your website trustworthy and address customer concerns before making a decision on purchasing.

8. Not a well-optimized website for ranking your website higher:

If none can find you, then building a website is not worthy enough. To show up on your target audience’s search results, you need to focus on search engine result pages (SERPs) to make search-friendly websites. Develop your website with SEO best practices to rank it higher on search results. The more you pop up on the first pages of search results, the more users will click on your website as an expert, trustworthy, and authoritative website.

9. Not optimized for mobile users:

Mobile has become the most popular channel from where people are likely to do their quick searches on the internet. According to recent research, over 91% of internet users search for something from their hand-held devices, mostly mobiles. That’s why websites need to be mobile-friendly to reach out to their mobile users too.

A large number of people perform their searches from mobile, so if you do not optimize your website for mobile users, you will lose from attracting your mobile target audience. Ensure the website development company uses responsive design while building your website. The best web design company in Kolkata not only helps you attract mobile users but also helps your website provide a faster loading speed.

10. Disorganized website:

When a user clicks on any website to make the purpose succeed, like if the user wants to buy any service or product or look for an answer to the user’s question, make sure they find all data accurately on your website.

Try to keep your navigation managed as well as achieve searchable. Ensure your Contact Us page, service or product pages, and FAQ page are easily accessible which helps to improve user experience. An organized website structure improves your brand’s image as well as makes your website trustworthy unless your website fails to get attention from your target audience.

11. Same fonts style:

Now it is time to change your fonts because over the years people have used computer fonts for every website they build which makes websites look the same. You could make a custom font for creating your own artwork, but search engines couldn’t understand it. But with web fonts, you can give your website a look that can make your website different from others. So, no more Arial, Times, Roboto, and more. Web fonts are custom fonts used in website design that are available on all computers. There are various options available to select from, but you might need to pay for some web fonts. There are some web fonts resources including Google Fonts, My Fonts, Font Squirrel, and Typekit.

12. Consist of functionality errors:

Sometimes websites fill up with plenty of functionality errors. There are various reasons including fewer maintenance budgets, a fixed budget without UAT phrases, as well as insufficient texting. For these reasons, the bugs can remain on your computer, and prevent you from achieving their goals.

How to Fix Issues Behind the Downgraded Website Performance

Here are the ways of fixing issues behind the downgraded website performance which are mentioned below:

1. Your hosting server:

After fixing all problems related to your website performance, if you are still not getting attention from users, then the reason could be your web hosting server loading time. You need to choose a web hosting provider carefully.

It doesn’t matter how good your website is if your web host server is poor, all work will go to the drains. You can significantly impact the speed of your website by choosing the right web hosting provider and hosting plan. Because your website SEO, website security, and speed all can be affected by the poor web hosting server.

To connect with the best web hosting provider, you can use referrals or you can do some research by yourself. There are many hosting providers available and many plans you can consider. After finding one please communicate with your web host and let them know what you want and ask them about synthetic monitoring, HTTP 2, content delivery networks, and more.

2. Create compelling and fresh content:

Before starting to write something and fill up a Word Document with keywords, you need to have knowledge of how to write content. Do the research work first, establish the brand voice, and slowly go into the keyword research part. One of the most important things, most often businesses overlook is file size and building a content calendar. It is important to determine the role of your content within your marketing strategy and continuously track your progress through web analytics.


Often websites fail to get attention because they didn’t choose the right website design company for creating their website. To fix the problem, you need a website development and design agency that offers website development services and web design services along with SEO services because your main goal is to get more customers. Then building a website is not enough. You need to focus on a search engine optimization tool for ranking it higher to get attention for more users. We hope this article on the major reasons why websites fail to get attention will help you to understand it better. If you want to like to read more articles, keep your eye on our blog page.