How to Add Frequently Bought Together on Shopify

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You need to have some unique qualities to stand out from the crowd. Similarly, e-commerce businesses must have some unique selling proposition that keeps customers coming back. According to e-commerce experts, by 2027 the total number of online shoppers is expected to increase to 425 million. The growing number of competitors comes with some challenges including customers moving on to another store that offers better products- which becomes the business barrier for online businesses.

That’s why online businesses must have strategies to keep their business up front and Frequently Bought Together is an effective way for it. Bundle recommendations and discounts keep customers excited and make them stay in your store. Today, we will discuss what is Frequently Bought Together, how it works, and step by step guide to adding Frequently Bought Together on Shopify.

What is Shopify Frequently Bought Together?

The “Frequently Bought Together” feature is a powerful e-commerce tool designed to enhance the shopping experience by suggesting complementary products to customers as they browse or purchase items. This feature typically appears on product pages, showcasing a curated selection of items that other customers have commonly purchased along with the primary product. Here’s a detailed explanation:

The “Frequently Bought Together” feature displays a set of products that are commonly purchased together by other customers. These suggestions are often based on historical purchase data, algorithms, and sometimes manual selection by the store owner.

The main goal is to increase the average order value (AOV) by encouraging customers to buy additional items that complement the ones they are already interested in. This not only boosts sales but also enhances the shopping experience by providing relevant recommendations.

How Does Shopify Frequently Bought Together Work?

The Frequently Bought Together, feature relies on data collected from previous customer purchases. This data includes which items are often bought together in a single transaction. Advanced algorithms analyze this data to identify patterns and determine which products are frequently purchased together.

Based on the analysis, the feature suggests a group of items to customers. These recommendations are displayed on the product page, usually below the main product description or alongside it.

Benefits of Shopify Frequently Bought Together

There are several benefits of adding Frequently Bought Together, but here we have mentioned top 3 benefits of Frequently Bought Together which have mentioned below:

Increased Sales: By suggesting additional products that complement the main item, stores can increase their overall sales. Customers are more likely to add suggested items to their cart, leading to higher transaction values.

Improved Customer Experience: Shoppers appreciate relevant recommendations, as it saves them time and effort in finding complementary products. This can lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Enhanced Product Discoverability: The feature helps highlight products that customers might not have considered otherwise, improving the visibility of less popular or new items.

For example, imagine a customer browsing for a digital camera on a Shopify store. The “Frequently Bought Together” feature might suggest:

– A camera bag
– An extra battery pack
– A memory card

These items are logically related to the primary product (the camera) and are often bought together by other customers. By presenting these suggestions, the store increases the likelihood that the customer will purchase additional items, thereby increasing the total order value.

Top Frequently Bought Together Apps for Shopify Online Store

To make a better shopping experience add Frequently Bought Together to your shopify store. If you are hearing about Shopify then check out our blog about what is Shopify and How it works. Here we will discuss the top 2 Frequently Bought Together apps for shopify online stores which are mentioned below:

1. Wiser: Product Recommendations

Wiser’s Personalization Engine goes beyond just showing “frequently bought together” items. It uses AI to analyze customer behavior and recommend products tailored to each visitor, increasing the chances of them adding more items to their cart. This leads to a higher average order value and conversions for your store.

Key Features of Wiser:

  • AI-powered Frequently Bought Together Bundles & Discounts: Automatically suggest bundles with discounts on products frequently purchased together, enticing customers to spend more.
  • Post-Purchase Upsells & Checkout Upsells: Target customers with relevant upsell offers after they add items to their cart or complete a purchase, maximizing their buying potential.
  • Advanced Cart Drawer with Upselling: The cart drawer displays progress towards a minimum purchase amount or free shipping, motivating customers to add more items. It also includes upselling features to suggest complementary products.
  • Upsell Everywhere: Display upsell recommendations on product pages, thank you pages, blog posts, collections, popups, and even best-selling items, creating a seamless upselling experience throughout your store.
  • Pricing: Starts at $9 per month.

Shopify Frequently Bought Together:

This app helps you display recommended products that customers often buy together, similar to Amazon’s “Frequently Bought Together” section.

Key Features of Shopify Frequently Bought Together:

  • AI-powered recommendations: Analyzes customer data to suggest relevant product pairings.
  • One-click upsells: Makes it easy for customers to add recommended products to their cart with a single click.
  • Customizable offers: This lets you tailor discounts and promotions for specific product bundles.
    Seamless integration: Integrates easily with your Shopify store for a quick setup.
  • Performance Analytics: Tracks the success of your recommendations and helps you optimize your strategy.
  • Pricing: Starts at $9.99 per month.

Step By Step Guide to Add Frequently Bought Together App on Shopify

We recommend adding the Frequently Bought Together app because it is easy to install and even If you only need basic “frequently bought together” recommendations and want a simple solution, a Frequently Bought Together app might be sufficient. So, here is the step-by-step guide to adding the Frequently Bought Together App on Shopify.

Here’s a detailed guide to help you add and configure the “Frequently Bought Together” feature on your Shopify store:

1. Installing the App

Log in to your Shopify admin dashboard.
Got to the Settings>Apps and Sales Channels>

2. Find the App:

In the search bar, type the name of the app you have chosen (e.g., “Frequently Bought Together”).
Select the app from the search results.
Click on the app’s listing to view its details.
Click the “Install app” button.
You will be redirected back to your Shopify admin dashboard. Click “Install app” to confirm the installation.

3. Configuring the App

After installation, the app will appear in your Shopify admin under “Apps.”
Click on the app to open it.

4. Initial Setup:

Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the initial setup.
This may include granting necessary permissions and integrating the app with your store.

5. Select Products for Bundling:

Within the app, navigate to the settings or configuration section.
Select the products you want to include in the “Frequently Bought Together” recommendations.
You can choose individual products or entire collections.

6. Configure Discounts (Optional):

If the app supports discounting bundled products, configure the discount settings.
Specify the discount amount or percentage to be applied when customers purchase the recommended bundle.

7. Placement Settings:

Choose where the widget will appear on your product pages. Common placements include below the product description or near the “Add to Cart” button.
Some apps allow you to use drag-and-drop functionality for easier placement.

8. Testing the Feature

Navigate to one of your product pages on the live store.
Ensure the “Frequently Bought Together” widget is displayed correctly and includes the intended products.

9. Simulate a Purchase:

Add the recommended products to the cart and proceed to checkout to verify that any configured discounts are applied. Check the cart and checkout process to ensure there are no issues.

10. Troubleshoot Issues:

If the widget does not appear or functions incorrectly, return to the app settings. Review the configuration and customization options to correct any issues.


The “Frequently Bought Together” feature boosts sales by increasing average order value, enhances customer experience with relevant product recommendations and improves product discoverability. Implementing this feature can lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. Experiment with different product combinations and placements to optimize results.

Take advantage of this powerful tool to drive more sales and delight your customers. Install a “Frequently Bought Together” app on your Shopify store today with our Shopify solutions and start reaping the benefits of smarter product recommendations.