How To Create a GST Invoice In Shopify

How To Create GST Invoice In Shopify

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Having a Shopify online store is as exciting as running it successfully. Nowadays creating GST-compliant invoices for e-commerce owners become more crucial than ever. Every website has its pattern of providing e-bills with GST invoices. So, if you are a Shopify online shop owner and want to create GST-compliant invoices for your customers, this article is for you.

As a business, we understand the importance of workflow, including the creation of GST-compliant invoices. Besides meeting legal requirements, our guide also ensures smooth operation and satisfied customers with shopify.

Invoicing guidelines and resources can help you speed up your invoicing process while ensuring accuracy and compliance with GST regulations, no matter how experienced you are or how new you are. This guide will help you manage GST invoicing effectively, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Importance of GST Invoices

Shopify online store owners in India may have heard about GST (Goods and Services Tax) quite often. Why is it so important to generate GST-compliant invoices? In simple terms, here’s what we need to know.

1. Legal Compliance

GST invoices are mandatory for any kind of business that sells products or services. The GST law requires that every taxable supply of goods or services be documented with a GST invoice. This ensures that your business operations are transparent and in compliance with the government’s tax requirements.

2. Accurate Tax Calculation

The best GST invoice Shopify apps assist in accurately and seamlessly calculating taxes owed to the government. By precisely defining the tax components (SGST, CGST, and IGST), you can ensure that you charge and remit the correct amount of tax. This decreases the likelihood of underpayment or overpayment, which can result in legal troubles or financial losses.

3. Record Keeping and Financial Management

GST invoices are essential to the upkeep of precise accounting records. They support the preparation of financial statements, inventory management, and sales tracking. Effective record-keeping procedures, enhanced by appropriate billing, are critical to both smooth tax authority audits and successful business management.

Benefits of Creating GST Invoices with Shopify GST Invoice Generator Apps

If you are a Shopify online store owner creating GST invoices is becoming a daunting task. Then using Shopify third-party apps will be the best solution for you. Here are the Top 3 benefits you get if you create GST invoices with Shopify GST invoice generator apps.

1. Automated Invoice Generation

Making invoices manually can be time-consuming and tiring. Many GST invoice generator apps in the Shopify app store generate automatic GST invoices. Now you can stop worrying about errors or manual data entry because the software takes care of everything.

2. Easy Record-Keeping

If you use Shopify GST invoice apps, all of your invoices will be stored in a single location. Maintaining accurate sales and tax records is crucial for accounting and auditing purposes, and The Shopify GST invoice apps make it simple to do so. Any invoice is easily accessible, saving you the trouble of looking through mountains of documentation.

3. Enhanced Customer Experience

Customers appreciate receiving clear and accurate invoices. By using a GST invoice generator app, you ensure that your customers receive well-organized invoices promptly, which can improve their overall shopping experience and increase their trust in your business.

GST Pro ‑ Invoices for India Shopify App Integration

For any Shopify retailer, navigating the intricate details of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India can be a difficult undertaking. Thankfully, there is a priceless answer provided by the GST Pro – Invoices for India App. Since its November 2, 2020 launch, GST Pro has grown to be a dependable partner for Shopify store owners, helping them to generate precise reports required by Chartered Accountants (CAs) and make invoices that comply with GST.

Key Features Of GST Pro- Invoices for India

The GST Pro – Invoices for India App has several key features that ensure you can run your Shopify online store seamlessly and manage your accounting easily.

1. GST Invoice Generation

Generate invoices instantly that comply with Indian GST regulations for business-to-business and consumer transactions. This streamlines the billing process and guarantees adherence to all relevant requirements.

2. Customizable Reports

Customise reports to your accountants’ exact specifications. These customizable reports offer the flexibility you need to display data in the most appropriate style, whether it’s for tax filings or internal reviews.

3. Comprehensive Sales Information

Compile all of the sales information required for submitting GSTR1 and GSTR3B. Your sales data is combined by the app, which makes it simple to assemble and file the necessary tax forms on time and precisely.

4. Bulk Report Downloads

Having the option to download reports in bulk will make the work of your accounting team easier. Your team can manage massive volumes of data more effectively thanks to this functionality, which saves time and effort.

5. Automated Invoice Emails

Without involving a human, send your customers’ GST bills directly. This automation helps you keep up a professional image for your company by guaranteeing that your clients receive their invoices on time. The app’s performance speaks for itself, as seen by its impressive 4.8 out of 5 rating based on 74 reviews and support for Shopify POS and other integrations. GST Pro makes accounting procedures easier, makes GST compliance simpler, and improves the overall effectiveness of your Shopify store’s operations.

How to Integrate GST Pro App in Your Shopify Online Store?

Your Shopify online store can guarantee GST compliance and streamline your invoicing process by integrating the GST Pro – Invoices for India App. To easily add and configure the app in your store, follow these instructions.

1. Access the Shopify App Store

Use your credentials to log in to your Shopify online store. Click on Settings> Apps and Sales channels> Shopify app store.

2. Search for GST Pro – Invoices for India

In the Shopify App Store, type “GST Pro – Invoices for India” into the search bar. Find the GST Pro app in the search results and click on it to view its details.

3. Install the App

Click on the app and open the app page. Click on the Install button typically located on the app’s page.

4. Configure the App

After installation, you’ll be redirected to the app’s setup page. Input your Shopify store logo, store name, tax behavior, and Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) to ensure that your invoices are compliant.

Configure the tax settings according to your business needs. This might include setting tax rates and ensuring that all products have the correct tax codes assigned.

5. Configure Report Settings

Tailor the reports to meet your accounting needs. Specify the details and format required for your reports. If you handle large volumes of data, this feature is also activated for easier management.

6. Automate Invoice Emails:

You can customize your emails and see the reports on the dashboard. Ensure the emails are branded and contain all necessary information.

7. Test the Integration

Place a test order on your Shopify store to see how the GST Pro app generates the invoice. Save all your settings and configurations to ensure they are applied to all future transactions.

8. Monitor and Maintain

Check the generated invoice for accuracy and completeness. Make sure all GST details and other necessary information are correctly displayed. Keep the app updated to benefit from new features and improvements.


Creating GST-compliant invoices on Shopify is seamless with the right tools. The GST Pro – Invoices for India app automates invoicing, ensures compliance, and saves you valuable time. If need a guide. We are always here. Our Shopify solution simplifies your business operations Start now and elevate your e-commerce success!