How to add Estimated Delivery Date in Shopify

How to add Estimated Delivery Date in Shopify

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Customer happiness in the cutthroat world of e-commerce depends on transparency and credibility. Including an Estimated Delivery Date feature in your Shopify store is one of the best ways to improve the online shopping experience. One of the main issues with online shopping is shipping times, which this tool helps customers with by giving them a clear expectation of when their purchases will arrive.

Product pages, carts, and checkout procedures can all easily incorporate the Estimated Delivery Date feature, which provides a dynamic and automated delivery time estimate based on location, product availability, and shipping choices.

Understanding the Need for Estimated Delivery Dates

In the current dynamic e-commerce environment, clients have become accustomed to receiving a high degree of transparency about their transactions. One of the most important parts of fulfilling these expectations is giving an estimated delivery date. Customers feel more in control and confident about their purchase decisions when they know when to expect their order to arrive.

When it comes to e-commerce, a large percentage of customer service queries center on shipping and delivery-related issues. You can lessen the number of these inquiries by giving estimated delivery dates in advance, freeing up your customer support staff to deal with more complicated problems.

Providing an estimated delivery date contributes to the credibility of your store. Consumers are more likely to put their trust in a company that provides accurate and transparent order timeline information.

What You Need to Do Before Implementing Estimated Delivery Date App on Your Shopify Online Store?

Before adding estimated delivery dates to your Shopify store, you should think about a few important factors that will impact how accurately and successfully you can give your customers this information. By taking these factors into account, you can make sure that the delivery estimates are accurate and correspond to the real times for your products.

Shipping Zones and Rates

Geographical areas are known as shipping zones, and they are used to establish shipping policies and rates. Make sure your shipping zones are set up correctly. If you ship internationally, this covers both domestic and international zones. Different products may require different modes of delivery. If required, customize zones for different product categories.

Setting Appropriate Shipping Rates:

Choose between carrier-calculated rates, variable rates based on weight or dimensions, or flat rates. Take into account providing free shipping on orders exceeding a specific threshold when estimating delivery times on Shopify.

Supplier and Carrier Information

Make sure your suppliers are providing you with the most recent lead dates, particularly for drop-shipped or made-to-order items. Check the dependability and consistency of the delivery policies used by your suppliers.

Shipping Carrier Lead Times:

Select trustworthy couriers who offer regular delivery schedules. Recognize the typical transit times for every service level and carrier. Take into account the possibility of variations in carrier delivery schedules brought on by busy periods or unplanned delays.

Technical Setup and Integration

Ensure you have created a shopify online store and go to the App store to see which has the features that go perfectly with your online store.

Step By Step Guide to Integrate Shopify Estimated Delivery Date App

A complete guide on how to find and install the app from the Shopify App Store. All steps are mentioned below:

Install the App:

Go to your Shopify store and look for Settings. Once you find it, click on it and go to the apps and sales channels> ShopifyApp store. Search for Estimated Delivery Date, it will show many EOD apps. Choose the right one according to your Shopify online store’s preference. We recommend choosing Estimated Delivery Date ‑ Plus, it has a free plan available which will help you with your budget.

Configuring the App:

Click on the install and follow the setup wizard the app provides to guide you through the initial configuration steps. Click “enable” to add the estimated delivery app to your Shopify online store.

Customization Options:

On the same page, below the Enable option, you will see on the settings you change customize according to your Shopify online store preference. You can edit all widgets like message text that will appear on the shopify product pages, settings like order delivery working days, delivery days range, order ready working days, order ready working days calc mode, holidays, widget placement method, and much more.

Testing the Integration:

Make sure the estimated delivery date is correctly displayed on several product pages. The delivery estimates in the cart and checkout process should be accurate and visible.

Benefits of Adding Shopify Estimated Delivery Date ‑ Plus app

There are several benefits of adding the Shopify Estimated Delivery Date ‑ Plus app to your Shopify online store, we will present you the top 3 of them which are mentioned below:

Multi-Page Display of Estimated Delivery Dates:

It is important to display estimated delivery dates on every page of the shopping process, whether it is the product page, cart page, or checkout page, so customers are aware of what to expect during their shopping experience. Trust is built and cart abandonment is reduced as a result of this transparency.

Customizable Delivery Date Ranges and Messages by Product, Category, and Country:

With the app, you can customize estimated delivery dates, messages, and categories according to specific products, categories, and countries. The flexibility of this process ensures that accurate delivery information can be tailored to a range of scenarios and customer locations.

Multi-Language and Time Zone Support:

App supports multiple languages and calculates delivery dates based on visitor time zone or store owner’s time zone. Regardless of the customer’s location, they will receive clear, accurate delivery information in their preferred language.


Give your Shopify store the power of transparency! By adding estimated delivery dates, you build trust with customers, reduce anxieties, and increase sales. Our Shopify development company makes it easy to implement, whether through manual settings or our user-friendly apps. Empower informed decisions and elevate your customer experience. Let’s unlock the potential of estimated delivery dates together with our expert Shopify web development solutions.