Google Word Coach – Fun Way to Expand Your English Vocabulary

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Do you want to test your vocabulary and learn new words? But not from the dictionary. Here google presents you with Google Word Coach where you can give the test to know your vocabulary limitation and expand your knowledge of the English language. Here we will provide you with all the information which might help you to know about Google Word Coach. 

What is Google Word Coach

From ages, we depend on the dictionary for learning new words, But we all know the technologies are getting advanced, and you can see there is much development around the digital world. Now you don’t have to find your dictionary every time to learn new words. Just you have to search on Google, and you can see the whole information about the word which you want to know. 

Google Word Coach is the upgraded version of this. Now you can learn new words in a fun way. You can also refer to it as a Google Word Coach Game, designed for helping to expand your English vocabulary and learn the exact meaning of the word.  

Google World Coach was first launched in February, 2018 by Google. It is mainly for non-native English-speaking users. Google Search Engine Result page offers this game. When you search a word on the google search bar, it will be shown with the Google Word Bar. This Google Word Coach Game feature helps you enhance your skill in speaking and learning. For People who love playing games then this is the best way for learning new words for them. 

When Did Word Coach Start?

Google Word Coach is one of the finest ways to upgrade vocab and learn correct word meaning. This fun tool was released in February, 2018 by Google. English is not the First language in India, Africa and many countries but English is vital for these countries. Recently people from non-US countries can play word coach. They want to be fluent in English. For them, this is the best tool which is ever introduced. 

How to Open Google Word Coach?

Playing Word Coach is not very hard. Here we will discuss how to open google word coach. You don’t have to install or download anything for this. 

First,  you have to open your google chrome from this device you have. Google Word Coach always appears on google in a smaller box below the google dictionary. Suppose, you search for a word like “ boat meaning”. You can see the meaning in the google dictionary and below that you will see the box of the word coach. Google Word Coach will provide two options for each question and you have to choose one answer. If you answer correctly then your score will be shown on the upper right side. This is how to open google word coach on google.

Steps to Play Google Word Coach

If you want to play Google Word Coach, you have to follow the steps which are mentioned above. When you start the game, you will be introduced to the Google Word Coach test. There will be three types of questions, which are given below:

1. Synonym Question Quiz:

There, It will ask you a similar word meaning question like “Which word is similar to concern?”, there will be two options such as cover or convey. You have to click on one answer which you feel like right. 

2. Antonym Question Quiz:

Then You will see the antonym question quiz, where the question will be like “ Which Word is Opposite of confidence?” and there you can see two options like symptom or skepticism. You can click on one option which is right according to you. 

3. Image Question Quiz:

In that section, it will show you an image of anything, and there will be two options which will be related to the image. You need to click on the one option between the two of them. 

The Image Question quiz is easier than the other two quizzes. First, when you play the game, you may feel easy to play in the initial stage. There will be five questions all around. In every question, there will be two options. You need to choose one of two options. If you feel confused about the question, you can also skip the question. Then it will show a different question with two options. 

The Google Word Coach contains two levels. If you complete your first level properly, then you will see the level up button, you need to click on that, and continue the game. There is no end to it. You can play as much as you like. After completing the first level you may face some little difficult questions. After you answer all the questions right, you will be rewarded with 200 points. 

Best Guide to Play Google Word Coach Quiz

Here we will provide you with the best guide to play the google word coach quiz, which is mentioned below:

1. First you need to open your google chrome, then type the meaning of any word or you can also search for the google word coach or word coach on the google search bar.

2. You can see the result in a smaller box with a question and two answers. If you search Google Word Coach or Word Coach, you will find the box at top of it. If you search for the meaning of any English word, you will find the quiz box below the google dictionary or translation card box. 

3. You will be introduced with questions with two options and the pattern will be similar for every question. You have to select one option which is right according to you. 

4. There will be three types of questions in the google word coach quiz such as synonym question quiz, antonym question quiz and image question quiz. The image question quiz is a little bit easier than the other two.

5. If you answer correctly, the next question will appear on the screen immediately. You don’t have to hurry for this game. If you feel confused about the question you can skip it and If you answer incorrectly, that will not be a problem. Your score will be the same. 

6. After correcting every answer you will get 200 points. Sometimes you may get 220 or 180 points. But you have to answer correctly then you are able to earn the points. 

7. Every round is covered with 5 questions. After completing every round, the score will be shown on the front screen. 

8. All the right answers will turn into green and every wrong answer will turn into red.  Below the scorecard, you will find all the questions and answers and examples. 

9. After completing every round, there will be a next-round option. You need to click on it and continue to play the game. 

10. If you correct all answers without any mistakes, you can see the level-up option. By clicking on the continue button, you will play the next level game where the questions will be difficult. 

11. There, you can play as long as you want. It is free to play. The more you play, you will gain knowledge of English vocabulary. If you signed it with the google account then your score will save some time. But if you close the game and restart the game again, your score will be gone.

After playing the game, you can share your scorecard with your friends by clicking the share button. For sharing the scorecard, you have to click on the share button then you will see the options of various social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and more. You need to click on one of those options where you want to share your scorecard. 

How to Download the Google Word Coach?

Many people are curious about how to download the Google Word Coach. Here is the answer, you can not download it. This is not an app, you cannot install or download it. Only if you search for “Google Word Coach” or “Word Coach” or you search for the meaning of any word, then you will see it. But we will suggest here some alternatives that you can use:

Method One: By Using Google Web Browser

If you search for the Word coach game on the google web browser, you can directly access it from your device. You can play the game as long as you want. After playing the game several times, there will be an option which allows you to add this game to your home screen. You have to press the option to access it directly when you want to play it. 

Method Two: By Searching the Google Word Coach App on the Play Store

In the play store you can search for the Word Coach game. But You can’t find one because there is no app for it. We wish, in future, there might be one app for the word coach. But if you want to download the app to build your vocabulary, here are some alternative apps which you will find in the play store:

  • Free Offline Word Games Brain Test
  • English Vocabulary Test Learn English Words
  • Vocabulary Builder – Test Prep
  • Free Word Coach IELTS And GRE Vocabulary Builder And Quiz
  • Word Coach
  • Fun Word Games & Offline Brain Game Improve English: Vocabulary, Grammar, Flashcards
  • Word Connect – Word Games Puzzle
  • Free Offline Word Games Brain Test

Method Three: By Searching “ Google Word Coach APK”

There will be an option but we generally don’t suggest a method to download word coach by using third-party apps. But if you want to use it, then you need to search for “ Google Word Coach APK”. There will be many options which google will show you. You have to choose one trustworthy website to download APK. But there might be some considerations which might affect your device. 

The Disadvantages of Google Word Coach Game

As we know that Google Word Coach helps us to improve our English vocabulary. By playing it, you may learn new words, meanings, synonyms, antonyms and more. But there are some disadvantages we have faced while using it. Here are some flaws which are mentioned below:

1. You can play this game in online mode, you can’t play it while you are offline. The connectivity of the internet is one of the main issues people have faced. 

2. You can play the game only from your smartphone. The Game does not work on the PC or Laptops. 

3. If you shut down the game, and start from the beginning, the previous score will be deleted from the device. Then You have to start from scratch. 


This is the only game you can find on google without downloading any app or opening any website for it. It helps you to brush up on your vocabulary and learn new words, synonyms, antonyms and more. It is free to use and play. So you can play it as much as you want. Everyone can play this game to enhance their own vocabulary limitation.