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How to Integrate Product Review into Your Shopify Store

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The lack of a product review section on e-commerce websites can be one of the reasons that your business isn’t doing well in this ever-evolving world. Because it is one major thing, that makes your brand trustworthy to the customers. According to recent data by Global Newswire, more than 95% of people read reviews before buying something from online stores. Even more, half of them (54.7%) mostly read minimum four reviews before making a purchase decision. That’s why, product review has become a must-have section in e-commerce solutions.

If you are considering building an e-commerce store, add product review integration to your to-do list. But first, you need to choose the best e-commerce platform. We suggest to create an online store with Shopify. There are multiple themes, an in-built SSL certificate, multiple payment gateway options, hosting included, 24*7 customer support, and much more. But If you want to know more about how Shopify Works follow our blog page.

In this article, we will explore how to integrate product reviews into your shopify store and the best shopify product review app which not only helps you increase your user engagement but also drives more sales.

Importance of Incorporating Product Reviews in Shopify

Incorporating product reviews in the Shopify store can boost your e-commerce business conversion rate. Product reviews always act like social proof because they give customers the true experience of what previous customers experienced after using the product. A positive review from a previous customer increases the likelihood that your brand will be trusted and that it will be purchased. As well as giving you valuable insights into customer preferences, reviews help you identify which aspects of your products are most popular and which need to be improved.

Boost Trust and Sales: Positive reviews show potential customers that others trust your products, increasing confidence and conversions. People are more likely to buy from a store with reviews, especially if they answer lingering questions about the product.

Enhance SEO: Reviews are gold for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Reviews often include keywords people search for, which can improve your store’s ranking in search results. The more reviews, the more relevant your store appears to search engines.

Gather Valuable Feedback: Reviews offer a window into your customers’ minds. They highlight what people love about your products and areas for improvement. By analyzing reviews, you can identify strengths, weaknesses, and potential new product features.

Build Customer Loyalty: Responding to reviews, both positive and negative, shows customers you care. Addressing concerns and thanking satisfied buyers fosters trust and loyalty, keeping customers coming back for more.

Why Should You Use Shopify Reviews App?

There are multiple product review apps in shopify. But you should choose the best shopify product reviews app according to your online store preference. Almost all shopify product review apps do not allow customers to leave reviews directly on your store, but they may encourage them to do so through post-purchase email campaigns or surveys. The core thing is the more reviews you have, the higher the conversion rates you’ll get.

If you use the Shopify reviews app assists you in improving your search engine optimization and shows the reviews on Google search results which drive organic traffic to your shopify store. Product reviews serve as an excellent avenue for generating user-generated content on your website, abundant with pertinent keywords, thereby aiding in the enhancement of your Google rankings. The best product review app for shopify

One of the popular product review apps in shopify, allows users to add and display reviews along with star ratings on your shopify online store. It helps you to build a trustworthy e-commerce business and boost your sales sky-high. Judgeme app shopify is a customizable shopify customer review app in 38 languages. Enhance your conversion rate by utilizing automatic and limitless emails to get reviews from the customers using photos and videos post-order fulfillment or delivery, or seamlessly importing them from other applications.

Key Features of Judgeme Shopify

  • Display Options: Choose how you showcase reviews: all reviews page, badges, carousels, filtering options, grid layouts, media galleries, photo/video reviews, product grouping, Q&A sections, rich snippets, star ratings, tabs or sidebars, testimonials, highlighting top reviews, and even video reviews.
  • Collection Methods: Gather reviews through automated emails, custom requests, email requests, forms, import/export options, promotions, push notifications, referral programs, review migration tools, review syndication, SMS requests, social media UGC integration, and even surveys.
  • SEO Powerhouse: Benefit from various SEO tools like backlinks, JSON-LD structured data, meta tags, metadata optimization, and rich snippets to improve your search ranking.
  • Performance Monitoring: Track your review strategy’s effectiveness with A/B testing, detailed analytics, reporting tools, and comprehensive tracking features.

The Comprehensive Guide to Add Product Review App in Your Shopify Store

Welcome to the integration guide into your Shopify Store which we will discuss step by step how to install and add to your Shopify online store.

1. Go to Your Shopify Online Store:

  • First, you need to visit your online shopify dashboard.
  • Go to Settings>Apps and sales channels.
  • Click on the Shopify App Store.

2. Install Judge. me:

  • In the Shopify App Store, search for Product Review app.
  • Open the home page and click on the install.
  • It will show another Install page and click on the install button again.

3. Connect to Your Store:

  • It will add to your online store and show you review section where you add your language and theme and click on the start setup.
  • Then on the next page, click on the enable app embed.
  • It will automatically take you to the online store. It will show you that the app is turned on. Click on the save button.

4. Install Widgets:

  • Exit the page of your online store, and go to your Shopify dashboard.
  • Click on the apps and search for Judge.Me app.
  • It will show you a full list of different pages including manage reviews, collect reviews, widgets, marketing, and social and general settings.
  • Click on the widgets and you will different types of widgets like star rating badges, review widgets, reviews carousel, Verified Reviews Counter, and much more which you can install and add in your online shop so that customers see the positive reviews and buy from your online store.


Integrating product reviews into your Shopify store enhances credibility and boosts sales. With our Shopify solutions, seamlessly incorporate review features to foster trust and engagement. Empower your customers to share feedback, driving conversions and building a loyal customer base. By leveraging our tailored solutions, you not only elevate your store’s reputation but also maximize its potential for growth and success in the competitive e-commerce landscape. Unlock the power of reviews with our Shopify solutions and watch your business thrive.